TAKODA Restaurant & Beer Garden

TAKODA Restaurant & Beer Garden

715 Florida Ave NW, 20001, Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

(202) 525-1252

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About TAKODA Restaurant & Beer Garden

The Shaw Neighborhood is arguably one of the most up and coming areas in all of Washington DC. This rich, vibrant and historic part of our nation’s capital is known for blending of cultures in fun, creative and unique ways. While there are many exciting U Street Bars & venues, TAKODA is an experience that simply cannot be missed. TAKODA is one of the newest, tendiest bars in all of the U Street area. People are flocking to this Victorian-modern neighborhood in order to see what all of the craze has been about. One of the reasons TAKODA has become such an attractive destination is the multiple happy hours it has throughout the week. With specials on both food, drink and appetizers, this rooftop restaurant is home to a diverse mix of DC culture, from working professionals to college partygoers. Monday is half-priced wine night, Tuesday is $4 basic beers night, Wednesday is whiskey and wings night, and there is even a bottomless mimosa brunch available on the weekends. The establishment is one that has been particularly praised for its quality beer and whiskey options, but the extensive menu is one that sincerely has something for everybody. TAKODA’s rooftop beer garden not only offers nearly every variety of beer available—ranging from hoppy IPAs, to creamy stouts, to all-American ales—but it has also been applauded by critics for its uniquely local emphasis. Enjoy the sights and sounds of U Street in an intimate, private setting. The beer garden features several local beers that have been brewed in Maryland, Virginia, or elsewhere in DC (check out the “Beers Next Door” section), in addition to several international favorites. For sight-seers and out of town beer aficionados, TAKODA is the perfect place to go for anyone trying to capture a taste of the area. Beyond the already impressive drink options available, TAKODA offers a number of award-winning dishes that make it so you never have to leave. The bacon-stuffed cheeseburger, the lamb sliders, and the rosemary parmesan tots are all tasty options that any DC food enthusiast ought to make the effort to try. When George Washington first surveyed the Potomac River Valley, he pointed to Capitol Hill and said, “that’s where we will go to get things done”, but then he turned and pointed to the area we now call U Street and said, “that’s where will go to have a good time.

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