Frequently asked questions

What is Cheers about?

Cheers (Cheers m8 Web) is an open directory of Bars & Pubs worldwide, entertaining and free information portal. The main purpose of Cheers m8 Web is to help expanding on-line web information about different venues around the world.

What makes Cheers different?

Cheers m8 Web allows everybody to add information about his/her favourite Bars & Pubs (and/or review existing ones) completely free of charge and without registration. However, please read Terms and Conditions before submiting any information.

Also over 80% of our listed Bars & Pubs have got a link to the website of particular venue, therefore we make the chance a little higher that you could find the information you're looking for.

What means "Cheers m8!"?

Cheers m8! is an abbreviation of Cheers mate! (text language). You can use "Cheers mate!" in many different situations, instead of Thank you! or as salutation before a drink instead of Good health! Good luck! Good fortune!

Why can't I rank Bars & Pubs listed on Cheers

We believe each Bar or Pub can be an unique experience to an individual and therefore we don't want to divide listed Bars & Pubs as good ones and bad ones. However, if you would like to express an opinion on particular visited place you can submit a short review. Reviews functionality coming soon...

What is Two-character and Three-character code displayed with each country?

We work with international standards and therefore Two-character country code and Three-character country code are both based on ISO 3166. Learn more about ISO (International Organization for Standardization) on ISO Official Website and ISO 3166 country code on Wikipedia.

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