How to say cheers in Slovakia

Drinking alcohol has a long tradition in Slovakia and plays a significant role in many cultural events. Whether you attend celebrations (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, special days) or just day-to-day events like spending time with friends it's nice to know how to say cheers and related expressions in Slovakia.

Capital city:


National / Official language(s):


Other spoken language(s):

Hungarian (10%)
Czech (Neighboring country)
Ukrainian (Neighboring country)

National / mainly used expression(s)

Na zdravie! [Naz-dra-vie]
to your heath
Do dna! [Do dna]
Until the bottom of the glass
Na EX! [Na ex]
Dry the glass / to drink in one go

Regional / expression(s) used not very often

Do riti sa mi pozeraj! [Do ri-ti sa mi po-ze-ray]
literally: look into my ass, meaning: you should look into my eyes when we touch the glasses
Nech že-nám je dobre!
Two meanings: 1. Wish us well, 2. Wish Women to feel well
Anóda Katóda Bum Zem!
Anode Cathode Boom Ground - occasionally used by students of electrical engineering

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