It was years ago, the word cheer originally came from the Latin word for face (referred to facial expression) or countenance. The very first record of cheers expression could be found in the 18th century as a shout of encouragement or support. Nowadays it has many different meanings, depends which context it's used in. As a toast, cheers became from "Good cheer" in the early 20th century.

Either you travel abroad and you'd like to impress locals or just you'd like to surprise your foreign friends, spread your knowledge and learn how to say cheers in different countires! Believe it or not, cheers! (including the translation of other languages) is one of the most used word (expression) around the world.

ALB Albania
ARG Argentina
Salud! (health)
AUS Australia
AUT Austria
Prosit! Prost! Zum Wohl! (formal)
AZE Azerbaijan
Afiyćt oslun!
BRA Brazil
Saude! (to your health), Tim tim!
BGR Bulgaria
Na zdorov'ya! (to your health)
CAN Canada
CRI Costa Rica
Pura Vida! (pure life)
HRV Croatia
Živjeli! (to life/health)
CZE Czech Republic
Na zdraví! (to your health)
DNK Denmark
Skaal! / Skĺl!
DOM Dominican Republic
Salud! (health)
ENG England
Cheers! Cheerio!
FIN Finland
FRA France
Santé! Ŕ votre santé! (to your health)
DEU Germany
Prost! Zum Wohl! (formal)
GRC Greece
Yamas! Geiá mas! (health)
GUY Guyana
HUN Hungary
Egészségedre! (to your health)
IRL Ireland
Sláinte! (to your health), Cheers!
ISR Israel
L'Chaim! (to life!)
ITA Italy
Cin cin! Salute!
JAM Jamaica
JPN Japan
LVA Latvia
Uz veselibu! (to your health)
LTU Lithuania
I sveikata!
MKD Macedonia
Na zdravje! (to your health)
MLT Malta
Cheers! Eviva! (old fashioned)
MEX Mexico
Salud! (health)
MNG Mongolia
NLD Netherlands
Gezondheid! (to your health), Proost!
NZL New Zealand
PAN Panama
Salud! (health)
POL Poland
Na zdrowie! (to your heath)
PRT Portugal
Saude! (to your health), Tchin tchin!
ROM Romania
Noroc! (God Bless!)
RUS Russia
Na zdorov'ya! (to your health)
SCO Scotland
Sláinte! (to your health)
SCG Serbia & Montenegro
Ziveli! (let's live long!)
SVK Slovakia
Na zdravie! (to your heath)
ZAF South Africa
Cheers! Gesondheid! (to your health)
KOR South Korea
ESP Spain
Salud! (health) Topa! (Basque)
SWE Sweden
Skaal! / Skĺl!
CHE Switzerland
Proscht! Gesundheit! (to your health)
THA Thailand
Chai yo! Choc tee!
TTO Trinidad and Tobago
TUR Turkey
UKR Ukraine
Na zdorov'ya! Budmo! (let's live long!)
Cheers! Bottoms up!
WLS Wales
Iechyd da! [Yechidda!]

Please note that in many listed countries there is more than one language in use. The list above contains the most common cheers expression.

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FAQ: What means "Cheers m8!"?

Cheers m8! is an abbreviation of Cheers mate! (text language). You can use "Cheers mate!" in many different situations, instead of Thank you! or as salutation before a drink instead of Good health! Good luck! Good fortune!

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